January 2nd, 2006 - The Legend of Marsha (Part 1) (Guest comic by Greg Holkan)

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Lean on me... when you're not strong.
January 2nd, 2006

Happy New Year! The Year 2006 is going to be a year of change here and during those changes, I ask that you be patient and understand that this comic, 13 Seconds, is still very important to me even though I am spending a significant amount of time working on another comic entirely.

I would not want to give you sloppy comics as I attempt to get up to speed on my latest project, Gossamer Commons, so I enlisted the help of some very talented and awesome people for a period of guest comics. The response to my call was flattering, to say the least, and I can tell you that there are some very cool and interesting comics ahead. I will return to 13 Seconds soon enough, I just need to get into a nice rhythm with Gossamer Commons first.

Today's comes to you courtesy of Greg Holkan who is the former artist of Gossamer Commons and remains as a kind of creative guru on the Gossamer Commons team. It humbles me to have such a talented guy drawing my characters and thinking about ways to elicit laugher through them. I think he succeeds very well... and I'm quite jealous! Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, "The Legend of Marsha (Part 1)"!

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